Personal data

Name: Mihailo Radivojević

Birthdate: 17.01.1971.

Address: Miroslava Radojčića 1, Belgrade (Palilula), Republic of Serbia


Formal education

Agricultural High School: Agricultural Technician, Bosanska Gradiška, 1985-1989

Faculty of Agriculture: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, University of Belgrade, 1990-1998

Faculty of Agriculture: Doctor of Biotechnology, University of Belgrade, 2007-2010

Informal education

English language B2 level. Wide range of IT skills. Operative systems (MS-DOS, MS Windows, Linux). Experience in a lot of programs for the text processing, tabular calculations, presentations and database management. Skilled in statistical analysis (SPSS). Familiar with applications for graphical design (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress) and various tools for audio and video editing. Well trained in web design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL). Elementary knowledge about hardware, on level proper for the computer servicing and fixing easier malfunctions.


Research assistant, in domestic animal nutrition, 2008

Research associate, in biotechnical sciences and food engineering, 2013

Assistant professor, in domestic animal nutrition, 2016

Working experience

Organisation, monitoring and analytics in animal husbandry. Marketing and sales (animal feed, basic and certified seed). Education and consulting. Project management. R&D. Publishing. Conference and symposium organisation. Graphical design and pre-press processing. Web design.

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Published papers

More than a 50 of published scientific papers and announcements, in country and abroad, as a first or additional author.

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Experience both in the executive and managing positions. High efficiency, both individually as in team. Responsibility and dedication to work. Experience in working under pressure and in multitasking. Analytical, detailed and dynamic approach in problem solving. Considering anticipation of potential risks and constant search for the most optimal solution. Methodological approach, both in self-organizing and organizing the associates, given the circumstances. Dedicated to the principle that the terminal product, or service, leads to user satisfaction, as an essential prerequisite of successful business.


Quick learner. Sharing a passion for new knowledge and skills. Very communicative and tolerable person. Methodological and empirical adaptability in information receiving and sharing, given the circumstances as well as the nature of information and its terminal user. Constantly focused on working and technologically discipline improvement. Adjustable in various working environments. Always open-minded for the consideration of new and well-designed business models and experiences. In order to make proper conditions for team working, consistent in personal efficiency improvement and personal efforts to eliminate potential mistakes of associates.


Unable for hard physical labour due to physiological handicap. For the same reason in high risk in driving a car.

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